Training is an investment that produces high returns. It is used to create a skilled, knowledgeable workforce, to maintain and exceed performance standards, and to increase your competitive advantage. Line management group's training specialists will help you to create a training initiative that brings tangible results and adds value to your organization your staffs will be a person that positive attitude, creative thinking and good interpersonal skills.

Our Approach for effective training

We work closely with your organization to conduct training needs analysis (TNA) carefully and implement training as a process, not an event. We focus on a model that incorporates three distinct elements:

  1. Training Needs Analysis The Training Needs Analysis (TNA) is a systematic process for identifying your organization's critical learning development needs. Using this structured approach means you will avoid wasting resources on delivering programs that don't truly fit your needs. When you invest in a training needs analysis, you are committing to improving the performance of your staff and company, in a structured and sustainable manner.
  2. Pre-Training Our specialists will conduct a pre-training skills assessment. We then provide professional development solutions tailored to suit your organization. All of our training is objective based. Specific learning outcomes are identified and achieved. Examples, role plays, and case studies relevant to your industry and employees are included.
  3. Delivery of Training Line Management group's participatory training methods ensure that all trainees play an active role, learning to work collaboratively and find solutions to workplace challenges. Our instructional model includes the development of specific post- training action points. The trainer will use the following methods to deliver the course contents:
  4. - Open discussion
    - Case study
    - Self-assessment
    - Role-play
    - Brainstorming
    - Mini-lecture

  5. Post Training In addition to providing post evaluations and reporting after the training, we will continue to work with you on strategies to support the transfer of new skills and behaviors into the workplace, and to assess how each trainee has acted upon their action plan. The participants' learning results will be assessed in the following ways:
  6. Personal Action plan Your entire employee has to generate they actions plan for the future activities. Our trainer will follow up this activity by the scheduled; this methodology is in our training process. For this actions plan will follow and mix by your staff's job description and the skills that they had learned from our training. We live with you for your success.