About us

Line Management Group Co., Ltd is Cambodia's leading skills training and Business consultancy specialist. Our aim is to help our clients achieve significant and sustainable performance improvement.

Our vision: To be the business training and distributing Leader Company in the Cambodia market, for Business sector and NGOs sector.

Mission: Our services for customer successes and expectations. At Line management Group Co., Ltd we value communication. Our consultants spend time getting to know you and your business. We recognize that each client has unique needs and requirements. For each client, we provide individual, tailored solutions that are consistent with your values, objectives and vision. Our Main Services

  1. Professional Training
  2. Company Register
  3. Accounting Audit
  4. Tax declarations
  5. Market research and assessment
  6. Business Consultancy
  7. Consumer Product Distributer
  8. Stationery and office Supplier
  9. Maintenance and repairing all kinds of Printer and Computer

Skills Based Training

Our dynamic approach to training features specialists who have the knowledge, experience and creativity to guarantee positive results. Line Management Group Co., Ltd.'s training programs are created specifically for Cambodian audiences. All programs are written by facilitators with experience in instructional design and are customized to each client's industry and development priorities. Our training methods include demonstrations, discussions, presentations, case studies, structured learning exercises, investigative activities, role play, and video recordings. (See detail with our methodology).

Business Consultancy

Our Target is focusing on the cause of your problem in business and management and tries to fine the best way to solve customer's problem by our consultant strategy and your organizational resources. Our main services had classified as follow:

  1. Marketing strategy
  2. Accounting strategy
  3. Management strategy
  4. Human Resource strategy
  5. New Business Development strategy.
  6. Project cycle Management
  7. Personal development
  8. Supply chain Management
  9. Market Research and

To guarantee our services, we had selected carefully experiences and successful consultant in the real sector of customer needs after TNA. The consultant must be strong knowledge and skills and he had run his own business successfully.